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Laughing Oak Cottage Ltd.
General Comments
Body, Mind, Soul, Revitalization Class
Continuous Breath
Level 1 Reiki Class
Ethereal Meditation Class

About Laughing Oak Cottage:

→ "The cottage just has a good vibe, very relaxing from start to finish. Feels like my safe place."   ˜   Larissa Dennis

→ "The energy that radiates from Dana is so calming; even if you don't believe in the power of energy, Dana's presence will have you believing."   ˜   J. H.

→ "It was a very warm inviting atmosphere, putting me at complete ease."   ˜   Jane Goddard

→ "Dana does such a great job guiding people through meditation."   ˜   A. J.

→ "This center has really good energy."   ˜   Local Reiki Practitioner

→ "I've never felt as safe to feel as I do in this class."   ˜  Trish White

→ "Love coming to classes. The energy at Laughing Oak Cottage & with Dana is very positive."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "This is such a nice place. I love it here."   ˜   Recent visitor to the center

→ "Dana was a very caring, knowledgeable instructor that encouraged us to open our minds."   ˜   Jane Goddard

→ "You have a beautiful energy. No judgement coming from you. Love, total acceptance, understanding. A loving being you are!"   ˜   C.L.

→ "Your classes are always very enjoyable. I very much appreciate your kindness & patience while guiding us."   ˜   Nicole Dennis.

→ "It was very uplifting. Very positive."   ˜   Nicole Dennis.

→"Every class is so exciting."   ˜   Ravyn

→"You have such wisdom. You are so evolved. It is wonderful to be around you."   ˜  C. L.

→ "Endlessly Interesting"   ˜   Paulette Burgart.

→ "A peaceful place with wonderful people."   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "Extremely comfortable atmosphere with a very knowledgeable instructor"   ˜   Ruth Doell.

→ "You are a very patient & compassionate teacher. Laughing Oak Cottage is a very welcoming place."   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "You are so open and comfortable to be around. Thank you!"   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "I like the food & drink and the friendly atmosphere"   ˜   Julie.

→ "I never felt uncomfortable or like I was wrong. The positivity went a long way."   ˜   L. D.

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General Comments:

→ "Dana's classes were very informative & enlightening. I learned about things I hadn't experienced before. She is very knowledgeable & accepted people for who they are with love, compassion & patience; she is genuine & unpretentious."   ˜  Carol Fitzpatrick

→ "It is so nice to meet someone as passionate about energy as you are. You are so knowledgeable, + passionate, it is contagious. Love your classes!"   ♥   ˜  C. L.

→ "Anyone who finds that they are skeptical should trust Dana and themselves and believe. Dana is very supportive in this process. 😊   ♥"   ˜   A. J.

→ "This course with Dana will be life changing, she is an angel and will help guide you to your true self healing ♥ "   ♥   ˜   Jenn Hakze

→ "I've never liked Baklava but you've definitely converted me - Yours is fabulous!! Thank you for everything!"   ♥   ˜   Bobbi Moore

→ "These sessions attract similarly minded people. I always look forward to these sessions. The energy is so healing and uplifting. Your positive energy radiates in the class."   ♥   ˜  C. L.

→ "I enjoyed this class the most so far because I feel like Dana did a really good job explaining and answering any questions. She is very knowledgeable and confident in what she is teaching."   ♥   ˜   A. J.

→ "Dana, you have such beautiful energy - vibrant, healthy. Your desire to help is obvious. Your dedication to your students is commendable. It is a Dana course...what's not to love!"   ˜  C. L.

→ "A valuable investment in yourself."   ˜  Paulette Burgart

→ "Learning this stuff young, should be part of everyone's life"   ˜   Anonymous

→ "I am doing better than before. Probably partly because of the healing I receive from you. Thank you!"   ˜  C. L.

→ "Very welcoming and always makes you feel at home."   ˜   Ravyn

→ "I liked being with other spiritual people, finding out more about NDE as I had a friend who experienced it."   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "I like the relaxed atmosphere which created the feeling of trust"   ˜   Julie.

→ "Dana is a gifted teacher and mediator. Not only is she very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about subjects being discussed, but she is able to keep the class flowing no matter the obstacles. She takes charge easily. She validates new student's experiences and is very encouraging."   ˜   Chantale Laliberte

→ "Dana is so knowledgeable in everything she teaches. Very enlightening."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "A course like this is for all that care about others."   ˜  Anonymous

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About the Body, Mind, Soul, Revitalization Class:

→ "This class and Dana, are so useful for everyday life. Everything we learned, I can apply at least once somewhere in my day, every day. So many classes boast to give you confidence in your abilities, but Dana has a way really helping you accomplish that. There was no pressure, no stress, just acceptance. I love how it was grouped into mind, body, soul - love, love, loved it. Everything was great."   ˜  Christen Brechtel

→ "This course helps bring clarity and meaning to life. We are so much more than we usually believe. Dana helps to show us how we all can be more in tune with our energy ++"   ˜   Michele

→ "Mind Blowing! What could be better than bending spoons with our minds?!"   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "Really cool molten spoons. Bent 3/5."   ˜   L.B.

→ "I liked meeting everybody. Also learnt I can trust myself more than I thought. I had a blast."   ˜   Larissa

→ "The guidance that was given to instruct us on our ability to do reading was great with amazing results. "   ˜   Ruth

→ "The class clarified that dreams can lead to out of body experiences that can be amazing adventures. "   ˜   Jane Goddard

"It's a class that will help not only heal you, but make you stronger by giving you the tools you need to open up your mind and let the power out!"   ˜   Nicole Dennis

"I liked how we covered body, mind, and soul to gain a better understanding of the power of energy all around. This course really is for anyone and everyone. Even if you don't fully believe, Dana helps open your eyes (or soul, rather) to a whole other world. I would highly recommend this course."   ˜   A. J.

"I love how everyone saw auras! Great lesson. I am not adept at it, but the instruction and lesson were very helpful."   ˜   Anonymous

"What did you like about this course?" "Learning + realizing skills I was unaware of. Auras, healing, psychic work. I loved the stone/crystal reading! (I loved the cookies too!)."   ˜   Kori Sandeman

"What did you like about this course?" "Once again everything! Sorry to be repetitive but I'm really enjoying the class."   ˜   Anonymous

"What's not to love?! Bending spoons is so empowering."   ˜   Trish White

"Best course I've ever taken. Food is amazing, always a new experience."   ˜   Ravyn

"Definitely learned that auras are real and we each have auras."   ˜   Anonymous

"Dana, you are very well organized. You emit such beautiful energy! I love being around you. Your knowledge is awesome. You are a soul teacher, able to teach/explain difficult concepts."   ˜   C.L.

"For people who are starting a personal journey with food, this is invaluable. There is too much overwhelming, disempowering information about what we should put in our bodies. This empowers us to each for us."   ˜   Christen

"Class proved that mind over matter is possible and attainable."   ˜   Jane Goddard

"All very interesting! Intrigued to learn that we can go back to visit our younger selves and give ourselves love and support. Look forward to practicing the lucid dreaming."   ˜   Anonymous

"Easier than I thought to do a continuous breath. Very relaxing yet energizing at the same time."   ˜   B. P.

"I liked meeting Duke and Six (horses) - feeling their spirits + learning their stories. And Lulu (calf). The friends I've made + delicious food."   ˜   Michele

"Finally seeing the auras was great. Everything has been so interesting."   ˜   Anonymous

"Always feel at home, Always excited to come to class. Always leave with more knowledge than I came with. I liked looking at what positive energy can do against negativity."   ˜   Ravyn

"I liked feeling the energy between 2 people. Laughter and friendships. Cool learning to see auras..."   ˜   Anonymous

"Being with the horses was great."   ˜   Carol Fitzpatrick

"I think that understanding what some of the causes of pain that I experience in my body will help me learn to let go of some baggage and be kinder to myself."   ˜   A. J.

"I love coming to these classes, they teach you so much. Such a great class."   ˜   Ravyn

"I liked being made aware of the presence of auras and what they mean. I look forward to practicing this new skill."   ˜   Anonymous

"I liked that I was able to bend spoons easily once I was able to harness and focus energy."   ˜   A. J.

"Nothing is impossible!"   ˜   C. B.

"Very enlightening."   ˜   Ruth

"Amazing Course!!! The effects of words on water was really interesting."   ˜   Anonymous

"Very Friendly environment, you're safe to talk about anything."   ˜   Larissa

"Finding the ability to utilize my spiritual skills I didn't know I had is inspiring and refreshing"   ˜   Kori Sandeman

"It's a very positive experience - enlightening"   ˜   Nicole Dennis

"It was amazing!! It felt like I was moving. I have never felt so relaxed, weightless. I felt peace and crazy emotions. It was hard to come out of it. My body felt heavy. You're fantastic!"   ˜   Anonymous.

"I love the way you are encouraging us to develop our abilities, encouraging us to trust our abilities"   ˜   C. L.

"A very in depth class and above all, a safe and positive environment!"   ˜   Anonymous

"To open your 3rd eye is powerful!"   ˜   K.S.

"I like the idea of a wrap up class. I love the animals and found it interesting to 'feel' with horses as I am only around small ones, they are much 'more'."   ˜   Christen Brechtel

"I was taught an amazing way to discharge negative thoughts + beliefs about myself."   ˜   Anonymous

"We were given a very effective tool to deal with false truths about ourselves."   ˜   Jane

"I liked learning the meditation to negate the negative cognitions. Very interesting the effects of words/music/emotions on water. Makes me realize more the impact of things we say."   ˜   Anonymous

"Love the energy class. Very empowering."   ˜   Anonymous

"I liked imagining the energy + using the 'third eye'"   ˜   Anonymous

"Very informative/Highly enjoyed"   ˜   Michele

"I liked feeling the different energy with different people. Also was good to learn to see auras."   ˜   Anonymous

"I liked learning that you can go back on the first time you felt bad or uncomfortable etc. It's nice to know you can tap in to the root of the issue and stress less."   ˜   Anonymous

"I like that I learned how to feel energy from other people and different meanings."   ˜   Anonymous

"I liked sensing the energy fields of others."   ˜   C. L.

"You learn more about what you are capable of."   ˜   Ravyn

"I liked understanding more about my dreams and how I can benefit from them. Learning about your dreams is very useful information."   ˜   Anonymous

"I liked everything about today's class! I love how clear things are getting with life + the different challenges it throws our way."   ˜   Larissa Dennis

"Loved getting to the beliefs as we know we have them but we don't know what they are +/or how to get rid of them. Great explanation + great reminder to not hold the breath."   ˜  L. B.

"I like how we were taught to recognize our beliefs. I have felt the power of letting go of beliefs that do not serve us and it is life changing."   ˜   Anonymous

"I liked everything. It was very informative."   ˜   Anonymous

"I learned how to help control and get rid of negative or bad charged thoughts."   ˜   Anonymous

"Very informative & interesting. I have never talked about dreams, so I found it very interesting."   ˜   Anonymous

"Your enthusiasm + energy are uplifting"   ˜   C.L.

"I have a better understanding of myself and ways to handle things. Taught me that your body and world around you are more in tuned with your mind and senses."   ˜   Larissa Dennis.

"I am so happy to have attended this group. We had such a good group. Kindred spirits, all open to learn. You are so charismatic, your enthusiasm is contagious! You emit such positive energies! The course was most interesting. I will miss our gatherings"   ˜   C.L.

"This class gave me something that I will take with me through the rest of my life. Uplifting, positive energy that I hope will get stronger as I learn more."   ˜   Nicole

"Awesome out of body experiences are great. After the second shake I left the body."   ˜   L. Braun

"You welcome comments and always validate what others have to share."   ˜   C.L.

"It's a class that helps you heal when you don't even know you were broken. Open's your eyes to what has always been in front of you."   ˜   Larissa Dennis

"I liked meeting and sharing with the group"   ˜   Anonymous

"Felt safe to explore + express feelings supportive connection"   ˜   Anonymous back to top

About the breath sessions:

→ "I have completed many hours of spiritual work, throughout my life. But, this work is truly the most intense, insightful and expansive!!"   ˜   Judy Wielenga

"I was entranced. Dana's breathwork is a powerful, transformative experience."   ˜   William Pelech

"Breathwork has changed my life. Who would ever have known that freedom could come simply from the breath."   ˜  Trish White

"The breath class is very powerful. I had a great first experience."   ˜   A. J.

"Awesome Music! Thought provoking."   ˜   Wendy

"Breathwork is so powerful you can physically see the difference...Start the healing within."   ˜  Trish White

"Deeply affective at reaching previously blocked areas - emotional crisis, past trauma without reliving details. Awesome, not quite as intense as last time!! 😊 "   ˜   Joanne Bean

"It was a nice experience + I was very relaxed toward the end - near a bliss feeling."   ˜   J. C. → "The session was so affirming. Information given to me & my dear friend explained so much about my life & our connection. It was truly life changing. Can't wait until the next session."   ˜   Donna Johnson

"Very Powerful! Amazingly deep - every time is a different experience - this was my 5th."   ˜   Debra Gazeley

"My top and mid half almost went into a wave, my hands tensed and my legs were floating. I felt really relaxed. This was amazing! I felt super comfortable."   ˜   L. D. → "This method reaches deep levels of healing that fewer modalities do. I love it. It provides deep healing in a safe trusted environment. Dana is awesome + professional. Much love + gratitude."   ˜   Christen Brechtel

→ "For quite a while, my heart beat to + BY the music. It was like the music was making my heart beat. That was before the past life + flowy ('liquidy' Guide) assisted my in understanding what was happening. It was an incredible experience to float out of my body."   ˜   Jeanette Chase

→ "I really think it is helping me even though I don't know what I'm releasing. I feel really good afterwards."   ˜   S. N.

→ "This is a wonderfully personal journey where Dana helps guide you to where you need to go."   ˜  Sharon Pelech

→ "I was amazed at how this was able to show me that I was controlling my breaths and so much inside. Doing this gave me freedom to release old patterns of breath, energy blockages + emotions. Wow."   ˜  J. G.

→ "This is a very interesting journey. Thank you for guiding to a place of inner peace."   ˜  Anonymous

→ "Love yourself enough to take this program, after years of trying different therapies, I finally found the golden ticket, Breathwork!"   ˜  T. W.

→ "Things resolved for me this week, so I'm feeling much better."   ˜  Anonymous

→ "I'm not totally sure what happened. I'm sure I had a release but I'm not sure on what."   ˜  Anonymous

→ "My family is noticing the change."   ˜  Anonymous

→ "It was an unexpected + surprisingly positive experience."   ˜  Debra Gazeley.

→ "Really took a journey, had a power surge. Had a feeling of electric."   ˜  Debb Nickles.

→ "I know I bottle emotions so this was really good for me. A very intense experience"   ˜   S. N.

→ "This practice truly releases and allows me to experience deeper emotions "   ˜  William

→ "This was a great journey. I feel so much calmer & enlightened."   ˜  Anonymous

→ "I love the breath work, the connection I feel in myself + the earth. I love coming here."   ˜  Debra Gazeley

→ "The breathwork relieved my upper back pain."   ˜  Claudine Crook

→ "Breathwork brings a remarkable clarity of mind + revitalization of the body."   ˜  William Pelech

→ "Breath session was relaxing."   ˜  John Crook

→ "It's indescribable. Interesting, intense, releasing."   ˜  Shelly Greenlaw

→ "I really loved that it opens up a whole different way of looking at how to deal with and approach people's emotions and attitude."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "The process can bring you deep, profound experiences!! In the course every session is different. I believe what you're ready for, you'll receive."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "I would recommend breath work to anyone that would like to release build up without having to relive the experience. A necessary tool in my spiritual tool belt."   ˜   Koreen VanDyk

→ "I'm starting to be able to let little annoyances slip and am starting to remember more stuff thru feelings, not thinking."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "I love the way you are so attentive to everyone's needs."   ˜  C.L.

→ "Thank you for all your support & guidance during this journey of healing. This breathwork is life changing."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "This experience is the most amazing, intense way to work through crap and fill up with love + light."   ˜   Koreen VanDyk

→ "It got me in touch with a lot of feelings I didn't even know I had."   ˜   Kim

"This course has had a profound impact on myself and my Spiritual journey. It helped me to ascend further on my path but most importantly it taught me how to 'release' without having to re-live! If you've got baggage (face it, we all do) then this class if for you!! "   ˜   ♥ Trish

"Very powerful. My body started moving in ways I had not expected."   ˜   B. P.

"Breath sessions are a great way to let go of negative feelings. Always feel relaxed and at peace after."   ˜   Anonymous → "This work is extremely powerful & each session is completely different. I feel it has taken my personal growth to a whole new level."   ˜   Donna Johnson

→ "I think the group reinforced concept of connectedness. A breath workshop more effective than years of therapy."   ˜   Emilie Donovan

→ "Extraordinary session, learned so much about core beliefs."   ˜   R. D.

→ "The best workshop I have been to, to date + I've been to a lot."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "Hands got very hot from the beginning. I was all over the planet. The picture I got was, it's time to make peace with all the people around us."   ˜   Jens

→ "I liked everything. Trust. Consistency - Amazing Healing. The class really changed my way of being...releasing + healing + letting go of the stress in my body."   ˜   Katheryn

→ "Breath sessions are so purifying, really helpful, not sure what happens, but I always feel great."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "Loved the way it/I seemed to evolve from class to class. And the connectedness & sharing with the other classmates"   ˜   Bobbi Moore

→ "Very comfortable with Dana's expertise"   ˜   Carol

→ "It was completely relaxing. I've never felt that at peace."   ˜   L.D.

→ "It felt like I was healing a past event. I don't remember much of what happened but I was travelling outside my body."   ˜   Donna Johnson

→ "How can you describe when someone opens you to God + that you are too!!"   ˜   Anonymous

→ "I love how peaceful and relaxed this workshop makes me feel and that it allows me to work on - do something - just for me! More workshops please! Thank you  ♥ "   ˜   Anonymous

→ "This course helped me become more grounded in my personal spiritual beliefs. A personally rewarding experience."   ˜   Wendy

→ "The session was great."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "Very powerful, my body started moving in ways I had not expected."   ˜   C.L.

→ "This moved me into a better space to be more present for myself and others"   ˜   Anonymous

→ "Breathwork is an incredible tool for releasing without reliving."   ˜   Koren VanDyk

→ "I think it is beneficial for everyone. A gift you give yourself."   ˜   Jane Goddard

→ "I came with an open mind and heart. I was holding on to a lot of baggage that I've been carrying these past few months. Now I feel like all that just lifted away. Like, why I didn't do this a long time ago?"   ˜   JCH

→ "Breathwork is a powerful + life changing process. You walk out feeling a little different, than when you went in. Because OF THE intense healing provided."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "A remarkable experience. Intensive transformative."   ˜   Brianna

→ "Energetically uplifting, am more able to notice more: energy, auras or lack thereof."   ˜   L. B.

→ "Thank you!!! We need more workshops like this one."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "I liked all of it! I liked the hands on, feeling how different they felt to me and from each other. The confirmation in our spot when we shared. We are all connected, this is a great exercise to show us how (to heal)!"   ˜   Anonymous

→ "I would like to do more."   ˜   Paulette

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Mediumship Evening, Mediumship Classes & Readings:

→ "Dana's committment to Spirit is very evident in her ability to share spirit's life story with accuracy and reverence."   ˜  Jade Soetaert

→ "Fun and informative. Always nice to be around others of similar interest."   ˜   Paulette Beargart

→ "Fascinating stuff - reaffirms what I've always suspected, especially after working as an RN for 53 years and knowing that there is more to life than a terminal illness. Energy cannot be destroyed."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "Awesome Experience."   ˜   Jen Hakze

→ "Dana's lesson was well organized and full of interesting facts. Jade's readings were impressive. She is easy going, funny, and a good communicator. I was touched by many things she said."   ˜   Chantal Laliberte
**Click on Jade's name to visit her personal website.

→ "This was the 2nd time my husband came from the spirit world. I wasn't expecting this but I felt it was true."   ˜   Julie

→ "I liked Dana's talk and Jade's visions of my first wife. Jade described my first wife really well."   ˜   Anonymous
**Click on Jade's name to visit her personal website.

→ "I loved all of it, but definitely the mediumship... the proof that other 'dimensions' exist."   ˜   Anonymous

→ "Dana is a gifted teacher and mediator. Not only is she very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about subjects being discussed, but she is able to keep the class flowing no matter the obstacles. She takes charge easily. She validates new student's experiences and is very encouraging."   ˜   Chantale Laliberte

→ "You have a beautiful soul that radiates such a positive energy"   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "Non-judgemental, able to flex with the feedback"   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "♥ Keep up all the wonderful work. You are a true blessing!! ☺   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "Felt so much more comfortable with my abilities by the end of this class."   ˜   Pam

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About Level 1 Reiki Class:

→ "Awesome course with kindred spirits. Neat to feel energy and learn about it. You are truly guided by celestial beings and we benefit from your connection."   ˜   C.L.

→ "You vibrate such high energy. Such Goodness comes from you. Your enthusiasm is contageous! Thank you!"   ˜   E. H.

→ "The attunement was amazing. Very interesting discussions."   ˜   C.

→ "Try just for today 😊"   ˜   K. S.

→ "Very connected with the group. Love working on your puppy."   ˜   Jennifer Hakze

→ "I liked to learn the symbols w/ the hands today! You are so open and comfortable to be around. Thank you!"   ˜   Anonymous.

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About Ethereal Meditation Class:

→ "At one point I was fully engulfed in love, purple love + peace. I gently rolled sideways + up out of my body. At one point I had a past life. I cried."   ˜  Jeanette Chase

→ "For quite a while, my heart beat to +by the music. It was like the music was making my heart beat. That was before the past life + flowy (liquidy Guide) assisted me in understanding what was happening. It was an incredible experience to float out of my body."   ˜   Jeannette Chase

→ "Pretty intense. Don't know how to explain what just happened. I think someone was trying my voice. I believe I learned a new way to heal and I think I got healing myself. I think the topic was amazing."   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "Hands got very hot from the beginning. I was all over the planet. The picture I got was, it's time to make peace with all the people around us."   ˜   Jens

→ "I had a huge release today. I felt it building up more and more. An urge to let the voice express itself. I allowed it to release a whole variety of sounds came from my throat. I saw a funnel of something leaving my mouth (in my mind). It felt so great 😊 Feel energized and free."   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "Non-judgemental, able to flex with the feedback"   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "Powerful and transformative. Like nothing else I've ever experienced. The most intense form of meditation."   ˜   Anonymous

→ ♥ "Keep up all the wonderful work. You are a true blessing!! ☺   ˜   Anonymous.

→ "I found the info on Hedge Riders interesting. I also really liked the longer session. I needed longer and felt no need to hurry."   ˜  J. C.

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