Monday, Apr. 19, 2021


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Monday's child is fair of face.

Meditation Series

This is a five week class which allows you to experience different kinds of powerful meditations.

There is a guided meditation which allows you to learn how to go deeply inward in your meditative state towards trance and also to raise your vibrations to learn about empowerment.

There is a continuous breath meditation which has been shown to: improve your mental health; promote stress reduction; adjust and release disease and physical ailments; and facilitate positive transcendental experiences.

This meditations helps to release deeply rooted emotional blockages and often can result in mental clarity that could only come about from resolving issues at the subconscious level.

There is a guided meditation which assists in creating a safe place of tranquility where you can meet angelic guides and ancestors.

There is a conflict resolving meditation where you can work through relationships that are disharmonious, and gain clarity around the issue.

There is a meditation geared toward forgiveness of self and others. This is a powerful releasing meditation to help you move forward in life. This meditation also uses components of the ho'oponopono meditation.

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