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Past-Life Reading

There is a lot of research which supports the belief of reincarnation, and the understanding that we have a connection to our past lives.

Studies show, some of our experiences from our past lives can even have an impact on us in this life time, especially if it was a traumatic experience which led to our death or unresolved issues in our past life.

We often have connections to people in this lifetime, where we intuitively do not like the individual, or to whom we feel dearly connected.

Sometimes in spite of all the internal work we do in this life time, we can have issues where we are stuck, and often the source of being stuck completely eludes us. It is in these situaltions where venturing past this lifetime can help to find clues to release present day blockages.

This service provides a past life reading where a gifted intuitive will help identify issues in this life time and in past lives which are causing blockages.

Below are links to sites which support findings on past lives:

Proof of reincarnation as found by University of Virginia psychology professer.

A compelling article which discusses proof of past lives.

Scientific study finds birthmarks coinciding with confirmed past life memories.

A boys memory of a past life as a woman.

Looking at Children's memories as evidence of past-lives.

Stone Reading

The Celtic meaning of Druid is "Knowing the Oak Tree". Druids were of the educated class among the ancient Celts. They seem to have frequented oak forests and acted as priests, teachers, and judges. The earliest known records of the Druids come from the 3rd century bce.

Divination was a common practice of the Ancient Druids. Their spectacular insight developed through their close association and love of the Earth and by listening to all of Her wisdom filled messages.

This Druid Stone Reading stems from the Welsh Gaelic tradition of turning to stones for ancient sage perception to guide our path of development and enlightenment.

Mediumship Reading

A medium believes that our body is the shell which holds our spirit-self, and once our bodies are no longer able to house our spirit, we depart from the earthly plane. This departure is refered to as 'death' by most people.

A medium has been gifted with, or has developed, the ability to use their enhanced senses to communicate with spirits of loved ones, family, and ancestors on our behalf.

The purpose of a mediumship reading, at our center, is to communicate with a spirit, whom is connected to the person who has come in for a reading. Once a connection has been made, the mediumís goal is to provide enough proof that the person knows who the medium has connected with.

The medium will then provide a message from the individual in spirit form for the person who has come for a reading.

This can be a deeply moving and healing experience for the person who has come in for a reading.

Tea Leaf Reading

It is believed by some historians that Tea Leaf reading began as a tradition, after the discovery of tea by Chinease Emperor Shen Nun in 2737 BC and there are many tea rituals performed today in the Orient. Tea Leaf Reading became popular in England and Europe in the 1700's following a book written on this topic by a Highland Seer at that time.

Victorian ladies would often hold social gatherings that centered around tea. These gatherings involved the exchanging of local gossip, drinking tea, partaking in sweet desserts, enjoying the company of other ladies and divining with tea leaves (Tea Leaf Readings). It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon among friends. (We also host tea parties).

The underlying idea of Tea Leaf Reading is that it uses the the energy, thoughts and intentions of the person while they drank the tea creating unique patterns and symbols their cup. The Reader then interprets the symbols and provides some insight and answers for the tea drinker.

It is believed that readings will often tell you what you need to hear but not always what you want to hear. It is best to go in with an open mind for a fun, positive experience.

Continuous Breath Meditation

This continuous breath meditation has been shown to: improve your mental health; promote stress reduction; adjust and release disease and physical ailments; and facilitate positive transcendental experiences.

This meditations helps to release deeply rooted emotional blockages and often can result in mental clarity that could only come about from resolving issues at the subconscious level.

This is a facilitated mediation, whereby the facilitator will assist with positive affirmations, support, and hands on coaching both in the breath process and in physical blockages to the breath.

Energy Healing Session

This energy session encompasses the ancient teachings of energy work, including trance healing, meridian alignment, chakra balancing, aura clearing and master level Reiki healing.

Our practitioners must be a member of the Alberta Spiritual Healers Association (ASHA), have studied trance healing and be a Reiki Master in order to provide these sessions.

Please call 403-992-3262 or 780-966-3262 to discuss availability, costs and any questions you may have.

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