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Free Rune Reading

Monday's child is fair of face.

Free Rune Reading

Runes are a fun source of divination.

How this works online is the runes are selected for you randomly, based on the issue for which you are looking to gain insight. Each rune has a specific meaning and how it applies to you will depend on which spread you choose and which place it falls into. There are several books on runes and they each provide the definition of the symbols.

First think of a problem or something that you would like some guidance on. Then select whether you want the insight of one, three or five runes.

One rune will give you an overview of the issue.

Three runes will give you the present, the action required and the outcome of the issue.

Five runes will give you the overview, the challenge you face, the action required, the sacrifice needed and the outcome.

How is rune divination different from the readings we offer and the skills we teach? Our classes take your basic level of intuition (the feeling someone is going to call, or is watching you, or something bad is about to happen), and we work on expanding that awareness to a deeper level of listening.

Our readings are based on the reader having developed a very deep level of connection to a higher power (God, Universal love, Great Spirit). The reader then conveys the information she/he is given on the sitter's behalf. These readings are specific to the individual and based on direct guidance and connection. The information, is not pre-defined and not reliant on cards being pulled. Please call 780-966-3262 to set up a private reading that is specific to you. Readings can be done by phone or in person. See what types of readings we offer.

Please select which Rune reading you like, feel free to share this link with friends and come back as often as you like. These are great fun to do alone or with friends.

If you have questions or are interested in developing your skills further, don't hesitate to send an email to, or call 780-966-3262.

1 card reading:
The Overview

3 card readings:
The Present; the Action; the Outcome

5 card reading:
The Overview; the Challenge; the Action; the Sacrifice; and the Outcome

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