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The Presence Process: A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness
A book study and meditation course

This is a 10 week course with a different chapter/theme each week which builds upon the previous theme.

Michael Brown developed the Presence Process philosophy and breath meditation as a result of living with a severely painful neurological illness. He has since overcome this illness and shares his methods and philosophy in his powerful life changing book.

The book study and meditation course facilitates working together through the book, and supporting each other with new ideas and understanding as our lives expand.

The meditation facilitation helps integrate these ideas and provides an opportunity to give to yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


❝I have to say this process is the closest thing to magic that I know of. There is something substantial and significant here. I have been fortunate enough in my life to read many wonderful thoughts from many wonderful authors; this one is truly transformational if you are ready for it. It works on an unconscious, conscious, and spiritual level. You experience the change and you aren’t sure why.❞
Susun Weed (Herbal Medicine & Spirit Healing) [2018]

❝I appreciated the deep insights and took on the journey. So far it has revealed so much depth and understanding of who I am now, and why I reacted to specific situations that caused drama in my life, and this moment they are no longer important; that is incredible. It is as if the phantoms of the past are no longer haunting me or I am no longer interested on what was. David [Editorial director] delved into Michael Brown’s work, The Presence Process, and applied and put himself to the test with his body, mind and Spirit. Not knowing where his life was heading, he faithfully took an unknown journey only to find a miraculous sense of well-being. The adventures of presence not only healed his ‘incurable’ condition, but also changed his entire life in a profound level.❞
Super Consciousness Magazine (2018)

❝Showing us how to step beyond our personal physical, mental and emotional afflictions and addictions, and by empowering us to facilitate ourselves into wholeness, this work aims to take a bold step into a new paradigm of healthcare.❞ (2018)

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