Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021


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Sunday is day of the Sun.

Body, Mind, Soul, Energy Course

The Body, Mind, Soul energy course is all about that: different kinds of energy... and socializing over tea and snacks.

In the body classes we cover, food energy where we learn to listen to our body tell us what it wants and needs; body mapping and vibrational meditations, and a powerful transformational breath session which helps move energy and emotional blockages at a very deep energetic level.

In the mind classes we look at the incredible power of the mind through positive thinking, mind over matter and spoon bending, and understanding dreams and how to have lucid dreams and out of body experiences.

In the soul classes we learn how to see auras and understand chakras and their colours, we start to tune into body energy and healing, and psychic energy and intuition. We wrap up this class with a pot luck and work with horses for animal communication.

One key area of energy revitalization is friendship. This is a class that will facilitate friendships, laughter and fun as we grow together to make our lives a bit lighter.

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