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About the Body, Mind, Soul Energy Class:

"It's a class that will help not only heal you, but make you stronger by giving you the tools you need to open up your mind and let the power out!" N.D.

"Dana, you are very well organized. You emit such beautiful energy! I love being around you. Your knowledge is awesome. You are a soul teacher, able to teach/explain difficult concepts." C.L.

"Very Friendly environment, you're safe to talk about anything." Larissa

"Finding the ability to utilize my spiritual skills I didn't know I had is inspiring and refreshing" Kori Sandeman

"It's a very positive experience - enlightening" Nicole Dennis

"A very in depth class and above all, a safe and positive environment!" Anonymous

"To open your 3rd eye is powerful!" K.S.

"Endlessly interesting" Paulette

"Your enthusiasm + energy are uplifting" C.L.

"I have a better understanding of myself and ways to handle things. Taught me that your body and world around you are more intuned with your mind and senses." Larissa Dennis.

"I am so happy to have attended this group. We had such a good group. Kindred spirits, all open to learn. You are so charismatic, your enthusiasm is contageous! You emit such positive energies! The course was most interesting. I will miss our gatherings" C.L.

"This class gave me something that I will take with me through the rest of my life. Uplifting, positive energy that I hope will get stronger as I learn more." Nicole

"You welcome comments and always validate what others have to share." C.L.

About the breath sessions:
→ "I have completed many hours of spiritual work, throughout my life. But, this work is truly the most intense, insightful and expansive!!" Judy Wielenga

→ "The session was so affirming. Information given to me & my dear friend explained so much about my life & our connection. It was truly life changing. Can't wait until the next sesion." Donna Johnson

→ "For quite a while, my heart beat to + BY the music. It was like the music was making my heart beat. That was before the past life + flowy (liquidy Guide) assisted my in understanding what was happening. It was an incredible experience to float out of my body." Jeanette Chase

→ "The process can bring you deep, profound experiences!! In the course every session is different. I believe what you're ready for, you'll receive." Anonymous

→ "I would recommend breath work to anyone that would like to release build up without having to relive the experience. A necessary tool in my spiritual tool belt." Koreen VanDyk

→ "Powerful and transformative. Like nothing else I've ever experienced. The most intense form of meditation." Anonymous

→ "Hands got very hot from the beginning. I was all over the planet. The picture I got was, its time to make peace with all the people around us." Jens

→ "It was completely relaxing. I've never felt that at peace." L.D.

→ "How can you describe when someone opens you to God + that you are too!!." Anonymous

→ "I would like to do more." Paulette

→ "Very powerful, my body started moving in ways I had not expected." C.L.

→ "Breathwork is an incredible tool for releasing without reliving." Koren VanDyk

About Level 1 Reiki Class:
→ "Awesome course with kindred spirits. Neat to feel energy and learn about it. You are truly guided by celestial beings and we benefit from your connection." - C.L.

→ "You vibrate such high energy. Such Goodness comes from you. Your enthusiasm is contageous! Thank you!" -E.

→ "Awesome class." -Jennifer Hakze

→ "You have a beautiful energy. No judgement coming from you. Love, total acceptance, understanding. A loving being you are!" -C.L.

→ "You are so open and comfortable to be around. Thank you!" -Anonymous.

→ "You have a beautiful soul that radiates such a positive energy" -Anonymous.

About the cottage:
→ "The cottage just has a good vibe, very relaxing from start to finish. Feels like my safe place." - Larissa Dennis

→ "This center has really good energy." - Local Reiki Practitioner

→ "This is such a nice place. I love it here." - Recent visitor to the center

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